Penn State PBL takes pride in offering members the opportunity to network with and learn from real professionals. In the past, PBL has hosted distinguished speakers from companies such as, Dick’s Sporting Goods, UPMC, Macy’s, Disney, GE, and many others. When these speakers visit, they speak on a variety of topics such as resume & career fair preparation, professional dress, social media, and many other relevant topics to young professionals. When PBL is not bringing in full time professionals to speak, the organization takes full advantage of the resources within the organization. Older members are constantly giving advice to younger members on a variety of topics such as classes, study abroad, internships, and resumes.



Penn State PBL is dedicated to our nationally recognized philanthropic partner, March of Dimes. Each semester, PBL conducts at least one charitable event to benefit this organization. The March of Dimes is a nonprofit organization with the mission of helping mothers have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies.

PBL has volunteered within and around the State College Community. Each semester, we participate in events such as food drives, 5k walks, sustainability efforts, and campus beautification projects. We are always looking for positive ways to impact the community and donate our time to instill a strong sense of compassion within our brotherhood.

PBL does not only focus its philanthropic efforts on the charities above. As responsible business leaders, PBL recognizes the importance of reaching out and always lending a helping hand.



PBL is competitive by nature, and sports are no exception! PBL loves to participate in Penn State IM sports. The sports the organization competes in can vary semester to semester to accommodate members’ interests. Typically we have teams in IM soccer, volleyball, softball, and flag football.


Each Homecoming, PBL partners with another organization (typically another business fraternity) and creates a fun float for the Homecoming parade. In addition, PBL invites back their alumni for Homecoming weekend. It is the perfect weekend for networking with alumni, enjoying parades and football, and showing off Penn State Pride!


The most social part about PBL is its members. When bringing so many great people together, there is always something fun and exciting to do! From going out to dinner to group studying to having fun Saturday night, PBL has the perfect people to be around. Our motto is "Big Business, Bigger Family" and our members embody this mantra everyday.



One of the unique aspects of PBL is the competitive nature of the organization. PBL has an internal competition every year between all of the other chapters in the state and country. Members can compete against other chapters in business oriented exams and events ranging from sports marketing to accounting to resume writing. Penn State PBL consistently has a high number of members that place at the State Leadership Conference and therefore qualify for the national competition. In addition to the internal competition, PBL has many members that form teams and compete in various case competitions that are hosted by well known companies across the campus. PBL feels competition is an important part of development for growing professionals as it encourages out-of-the-box thinking and collaboration.


Congrats to the members who placed at the 2017 State Leadership Conference!