State leadership conference


1st Place


‣ Accounting Analysis & Decision Making: Anthony Duivenvoorde and Justin Glosner

‣ Administrative Technology: Tim Dombi

‣ Business Law: Natasha Chatterjee

‣ Business Sustainability: Caroline Silla and Val Belov

‣ Computer Concepts: Nick Ascoli

‣ Financial Services: Sean Hanigan and Sammul Shin

‣ Future Business Executive: Madeline Ciesielski

‣ Information Management: Jon Ostap

‣ Macroeconomics: Sean Hanigan

‣ Marketing Concepts: Lauren Moses

‣ Project Management: Matt Ascoli

‣ Strategic Analysis & Decision Making: Sammul Shin and Rucha Bhide

3rd Place


‣ Accounting for Professionals: Justin Glosner 

‣ Management Analysis & Decision Making: Claudia Marotta and Shivani Sharma

‣ Personal Finance: Jon Goldberg

‣ Programming Concepts: Nick Ascoli

‣ Statistical Analysis: Tim Dombi

2nd Place


‣ Business Ethics: Madeline Ciesielski and Robert Fauver

‣ Cyber Security: Stephen Ernharth

‣ Financial Services & Decision Making: Hana Alverina and Jordan Marcus

‣ Future Business Executive: Beth Reilly

‣ Information Management: Zach Kormanski

‣ Job Interview: Robert Fauver

‣ Justice Administration: Heather Northcutt

‣ Macroeconomics: Rachel Toubin

‣ Marketing Analysis: Danielle DiSandro and Hannah Longwill

‣ Organizational Behavior & Leadership: Kim Swiggard

‣ Retail Management: Liam Barr